Book Review – The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

 ‘A part of what I earn is mine to keep.

Say it in the morning when you first arise. Say it at noon. Say it at night. Say it each hour of every day. 

Say it to yourself until the words stand out like letters of fire across the sky.

 The Richest Man in Babylon

What you earn is one thing and how much you keep for yourself from it and save is another. And the latter is the one that effectively make you rich.

I recently completed reading the book and is so moved by the Babylonian wisdom from over 5000 years ago, from the times when people used to inscribe words on clay tablets instead of paper and it make every bit sense today too.

Creating wealth with dignity by making work your best friend and paying your honest debts, etc is preached through simple stories over the book.

Quite an easy read, would recommend it for everyone who wish to or create or facing challenge in creating wealth.

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